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March 21, 2023

PLANNING Your Portrait Session

Investing the time and thought in pre-session planning can help both the Professional Photographer and the subject create work that meets expectations and increases overall positive results.

It is important for both the subject and the photographer to set expectations and goals for the session. This will increase the odds that you’re on the same page avoid disagreements and frustrations that could get in the way of an otherwise fun and creative photo session.

One of the most common questions is “what do I wear?” and, of course, the answer depends a lot on several factors. Although, “No Yellows and no Plaids” is one of my common responses.

A quote I heard early in this profession was “If you love the photographer, you will love the photography”. While I’m not suggesting there will be love in the air, but pre-session planning will allow us the opportunity to get to know a little bit about each other. I like to create a fun, flexible, and active environment. I feel it is beneficial for us to discover your preferences and understand the dynamics between us to create a more memorable and creative experience.

Photo sessions can be an overwhelming experience for some clients. A pre-session consultation helps lower the tension and answer questions ahead of time to make and achieve better results.

In-Studio Consultations

Being a print photographer, this pre-session planning session can also allow me to introduce product offerings. This helps understanding pricing alternatives prior to ordering appointment and allow me to focus our photo session, knowing what the end products may be.

This will also provide the opportunity to better visualize the print products in your studio environment.

In-Home Consultations

Meeting in your home will allow me to see the home’s style and wall space so I can help you envision how the portraits can be displayed. You can also provide guidance on how to set up the portraits or groupings and take wall measurements to make recommendations during the ordering appointment. My process also allows me to show your selected images on your wall to better achieve optimal sizing and overall appearance.

In-home consultations give you an opportunity to elevate the level of customer service and client experience. They also help you think outside of the box and create works of art that truly reflect your clients’ visions and personalities.