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Light Painting

"Painting with Light" creates more depth than traditional methods. This unique process is able to light a subject in a way that is difficult, if not impossible, to do with strobes or multiple lighting sources in a single image. Lighting a subject is at the core of what professional photographers do. This technique was developed about thirty years ago to solve lighting problems when shooting commercial product work.

Light Painting Gun

Producing the Best Lighting

Whether the subject is a large aircraft, a bottle of wine, or a small machine part, I use several different handheld LED devices. The chosen light source is used to expose each section of the subject in a way I feel will produce the best lighting.

Light Painting Process

This highly technical process takes place in a darkened environment at night or in very low or no light areas. Using long exposures, I shoot multiple images (usually around 100) of the stationary subject. Each image will be of a certain portion of the subject where I "paint" the area in a way that best suits that particular section. Those individual lighting angles and direction are what create the shape and dimension of the subject.

Light Painting Yellow Plane


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