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March 21, 2023

Choosing YOUR Photographer

“Oh, I don’t look good in pictures...!”

If that’s you, well I have some encouraging news…

A lot of people look good in real life but think their pictures come out bad (and vice versa); from a technical perspective, in converting a 3D image (a person) into a 2d image (photo), some features are lost. Our eyes view things in 3D because we have two eyes so depth and perspective appear more “real”. The camera, however, has one “eye” that can only see in 2D, so it doesn’t always get your most flattering features.

This is where a Professional Photographer comes in.

Cameras can distort reality in subtle ways, but Professional Photographers who take lots of portrait shots will tell you that posture (posing) along with the correct lighting can make a world of difference. Not because it changes the way you look in person, but because it strongly affects the way the camera sees you. I think some people instinctively have good camera posture and it does a lot for them. My job is to choose the correct lighting, pose, a background that bring out the best in both of us...!

Some models look very attractive in photos but in real life umm......

So don't get depressed about your looks just because you THINK you don't look good enough in photos. And especially, don't be too critical of yourself. The camera will not capture your beauty, but a Professional Photographer will!

A portrait session can feel like a big deal full of lots of pressure. Did I wear the right thing, will the kids stay clean, will they behave? But the best photographs are not about perfection, they are about the relationships you hold most dear and little unscripted moments of magic.

I believe that being a professional photographer is like having a superpower. A camera in your hands gives you the ability to stop time and to freeze a singular moment. Taking photographs gives us the power to keep our memories close. It makes sense that when the memory matters, you would choose to entrust it to someone who knows how to create that moment for you.

It is my pleasure and mission to create photographs for you that tell your unique story in way that relieves you of the pressure, shows you in your best light, and celebrates your relationships.